When we conduct a production audit (I), increase production efficiency and conduct simulations (II), recommendations are made for the company, potentials that it can use. However, we realize that identifying potentials and implementing them in production in the company is a difficult task. That's why we run Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence, is a service consisting in the implementation of what we have identified as potentials to improve production, the main advantages of this service include:

  • Save time . We implement the changes proposed as a result of the audit and simulation, right away, without complaining.
  • Save resources . We know that companies are short of employees, so why burden them even more. Better to put this work on us (BPI).
  • Lowering the cost of production . An employee is a salary, office, social and taking care of his well-being. We are like a seasonal, leasing worker, only satisfied.

Operational Excellence, is an outsourcing service, settled via a VAT invoice

Operational Excellence is nothing new, but companies find it difficult to maintain such an expensive manager. Benefits of our solution ::

  • We have a lot of experience . We have been implementing audit results for over a dozen years, always successfully.
  • Implementation Guarantee . In agreement with the company, if we undertake something, we bring it to the end. We won't quit our job, we don't take L4.
  • No burden. We don't ask for an office, we won't join trade unions and we don't expect gifts for the star.
  • No burden. We are so confident in our abilities that if only the company is ready for it (reliable indicators), we can arrange a remuneration depending on the results achieved.
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