BPI is the progress for your company by inventing and implementing innovations and increasing efficiency

BPI is:

Business - we can improve management!

Progress - we know how to increase efficiency!

Innovations - we can create it and find financing for it!

Dariusz Przybył - Owner


Business is management, it is achieving real goals, it is cooperation of motivated employees.


Progress is a constant change for the better, in our understanding of higher performance.


Innovation, although the word is overused, is what gives an advantage on the market: product, technology, business process


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BPI is a company that can solve problems in your company. Problem with management, complaints, employee migration? we will help! we will help in solving technical, technological and process problems. We also specialize in the implementation of ISO systems (9001, 14001, 13485, 18001, 22001, BRC, TS 16949) and management philosophy (TQM, LEAN), but always with concern for the efficiency of production (or services).

  • We can upgrade the system from MRP I (raw material management - inventory) to MRP II (production management, machine / people load) to MRPIII / ERP (management of all company processes). Within each of these levels, we can improve management.
  • We implement ISO systems, LEAN, TQM, 6s philosophies so that they are helpful.
  • Imagine: no downtime, no scrap, no stock, no absenteeism - that's how it is possible!
  • Each company is a different case, so we have an individual approach to each company
  • We conduct a real production audit - in production!

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We will raise your company to a higher level of efficiency! Many years of experience combined with a reasonable look at the latest trends in management and technology allows us to be sure of this thesis. We specialize in production management, reorganization and optimization.

  • We are able to rebuild processes in the company (Flow-chart optimization)
  • We can set realistic, achievable goals (SMART Growth).
  • We measure the production (sequence, time) and increase its efficiency.
  • We can create a digital model of your production (1: 1) and then simulate changes in it.
  • We have knowledge on how to optimize production and we present these changes by simulating them.
  • We achieve incredible savings, e.g. work of 1 instead of 3 employees with the same efficiency.
  • We work with Michał Pajdak (marketing, PR), Atres (LogABS - simulation), Holarsys (autoamtyzacja and roortyzacja).

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Real innovation is an advantage over the competition, it is a financial benefit, it is to be a leader in the industry. We will find in your company and implement innovations! check why we are sure about it:

  • We have our own, proprietary methodology of activating innovation (searching for and stimulating it).
  • This methodology works, we are very successful - innovative products on the market!
  • Process innovation, product innovation, technological innovation - we have experience in creating each one.
  • By inventing innovations in the company, we helped in obtaining several million zlotys of funding!
  • We are able to indicate the financing of innovation.
  • We have been "provoking" innovations for over 10 years!
  • For us, innovation is not a color change.
  • We support and implement Industry 4.0 (numerous contacts with robots, automation specialists).
  • Automation and Robotization - we are very for but I know that not always and not everywhere!
  • We keep company secrets.

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Why is it worth cooperating with BPI ?

1Are you not acquiring new customers?
Perhaps you have too high prices (low performance), perhaps you do not meet product requirements that you do not even know (cost of lost opportunities) - standards, specifications.
So maybe it's time to change the system of work, maybe it's time to reorganize production, maybe it's time to raise the level of technology advancement.
In any case, good innovation will help. He will strengthen the leader, he will save the company in a crisis, and he will help the competing company to win. As we have already mentioned, we can find a field for innovation in practically every company!

100% of our clients are satisfied. After the first meeting, we set up a plan for further work. This plan includes milestones, a list of repair tasks.

Our goal is a good relationship with the client, resulting from his satisfaction. Our remuneration will be a pleasure for the ordering party due to the achieved success.

  • The first meeting is an assessment of the possibility of cooperation
  • After the first meeting, sometimes a report is possible, which is the first milestone
  • we do not stretch
  • we do not count the time, only the effects
  • try it, see for yourself
  • 1
    Let's talk, determine what your company's needs are. Your decision: do we make an appointment?
  • 2
    First meeting.
    We will get to know each other, we will determine what we can do for the company. Your decision: are we preparing a report?
  • 3
    Decision to continue cooperation.
    If the Report contains theses of your interest, we plan to implement them (your decision).
  • 4
    Work plan.
    The work plan includes goals for both sides - milestones to be achieved.
  • 5
    Meetings, analyzes, corrections.
  • 6
    The company changed, innovated, increased efficiency, acquired new opportunities, applied for or obtained funding.

Our price includes:

BPI Sets the price based on the selected Services or a combination of them. In addition, the following are important:

Company size 30%
Time spent in the company 30%
Success Rate 40%

We have cooperated so far with

We have been working with many of these companies for many years. We help them develop, identify and implement innovations.

Dariusz Przybył (BPI) helped us develop our company. He helped define the product, find financing.
MAB Robotics- Łukasz Antczak - President
Dariusz Przybył (BPI) helped me develop my business. I recommend his services, Motobanda - Wojciech Sikora - Owner
Dariusz Przybył (BPI) contributed to the improvement of the process and product activities in our company.
Kruś - Przemysław Muchowski - Director
Dariusz Przybył (BPI) helped to improve management and, thanks to his methodology, to come up with innovative products.
Zawieszki - Adam Ostrowski - Owner
Cooperation with Dariusz Przybył (BPI) contributed to the improvement of the production management process and to the creation of product innovation in the company.
Arkadiusz Pankowski - Redos - President (Owner)
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An experience we are proud of

The specialists we work with most often

We work only with the best in our discipline, unfortunately we are not able to describe all of them here

Dariusz Przybył


Creator of innovation, production efficiency, creator of the OPS methodology, Digital Twin

Łukasz Grudzień


Many ISO systems (from 9001 through 45001 under 50001, 3984, TS16949)

Michał Pajdak


Marketing innovation, Public relations, improving the culture of the organization

Paweł Pawlewski

Professor - LogABS

The creator of LogABS, promoter of the importance of intralogistics in enterprises

O nas

We are proud of our relationship with the client and the services provided

Our goal is more and more companies that win with the competition thanks to our help, companies that enjoy their own innovation!

  • We have never had anyone dissatisfied with our services
  • We can really help you, we will find innovations, we can improve production
  • BPI is a young company, but it is made up of people with at least several years of experience. We rely on experience, following change trends and looking to the future.
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We work from 8:30 to 18:00, and longer if necessary

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