We increase production efficiency!

We will reduce production costs!

We will increase efficiency!

We know how to do it, look here, it's not a fiction, it really happened

In the simulation next to it (using LogABS), one employee works instead of two - this is actually the change we made, only a change in work organization.

Our greatest achievement is one employee instead of three (with a large reorganization of work)


Several years of experience, working with lean and iso systems, creating innovations. This knowledge allows us to look at your production objectively and see its potential


First, we will get to know your company, understand the production, calculate the current efficiency, measure the work of your employees. Next, we will perform a simulation, another simulation, until we are ready to show the effects, i.e. a specific plan to increase efficiency.

Tool / Effects

We use a specialized program with 3d visualization for simulation. Simulation is a moving view of your factory, like a 3D movie you will observe what and how your employees are doing. We present a small excerpt above. An example comes from a real company, in which, after improvements (without additional investments), instead of two employees, one works instead of two, with the same performance, but this one employee still has time to rest.

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