Types of ISO that we can implement. In total, we have implemented several dozen ISO systems over the years

ISO systems with which we have experience in implementing:

  • Quality management -ISO 9001, organizes management system.
  • Environmental management (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) - safety for people and the environment.
  • Automotive Quality - ISO TS 16949, for automotive parts suppliers.
  • ISO industry standards: 3834, 50001 - quality in welding, energy management.
  • We implement systems individually for the company, not schematically.

Advantages of ISO management systems

A well-implemented ISO system means tangible benefits for the company, a good system provides data for management!

The systems we have implemented, not only guarantee a positive certification, enabling the acquisition of new customers, but also:

  • 1
    No bureaucracy.
    Our systems are "light", they support the company and not disturb.
  • 2
    ISO systems standardize work, set rules.
  • 3
    Quality increases, complaints decrease!
  • 4
    A good ISO system provides data for management.

Audit of the management system, process, traceability, product, order, we are familiar with.

We also carry out zero audits, determining the extent to which the company is ready to meet ISO requirements. Advantages of our audits: -more. . We implement:

  • Independence, our audits are objective. More .
  • Reliability, we have knowledge, we have experience.
  • We save time, the company does not have to maintain auditors
  • We prepare a report with wise recommendations.
  • We check documentation and, with equal emphasis, fulfillment of requirements.

Why is it worth outsourcing the implementation of ISO BPI?

1Why a production audit in BPI?
We have a lot of experience. Unlike many companies, we do not bring audit documentation, but adapt it to the company.
Basic ISO systems (9001, 14001,45001) about a month in a small company, industry-specific from three to six months.
The price depends on the size of the company, what it does and the standards it wants to implement. A small service company and the implementation of the ISO 9001 standard costs several thousand zlotys. We know that there are cheaper competitors, but do they have such an approach and experience?
Usually, it is meeting customer requirements in the first place. However, a well-implemented system is data for management. For example, often implementing ISO 9001, we organize the production or work of traders (in service companies)!
Definitely, the advantages of such a solution include: time saving, objectivity, use of experienced auditors, interesting audit conclusions (the auditor has experience with many companies).
We have already implemented over fifty ISO systems, we have audited over 70 companies. Our audit has never been questioned, and the companies we run always pass the certification audit.
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