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Audit in the office and in production. We will check if the offices are working properly and how they plan their production. During production, we will check it works as planned. We offer

  • Audit from raw material to packaged product (whole process)
  • Audit from shipment to raw material (traceability)
  • Audit according to customer requirements (third party)
  • We can ask the right questions
  • We are nice but effective

Our audit is not bureaucratic

We will be in production, we will talk to employees, we will check the quality and errors. We will probably spend more than one day on the production itself. We are not interested in offices in this audit !

We conduct a real audit. We saw an audit where the auditor did not go to the production hall. It is unthinkable for us. Principles of conducting our audit:

  • 1
    We observe work, breakdowns, retoolings, deliveries, the entire production.
  • 2
    We actively ask, determine why someone works this way and not otherwise.

We implement working and not bureaucratic systems. Zero audit, work schedule, document templates, joint work, intermediate audit, joint work, final audit. Yes we work.

We implement, we do not bring ready documentation. We work together, we intensively support building the system, so that it is a company system, not a company for the system -more.. We implement:

  • Quality (9001) and food (HACCP) systems. More.
  • Systems, industry standards ISO TS, BRC, 13485.
  • The implemented system is adapted to the company
  • The systems we have implemented support and do not interfere
  • We teach how to use the data provided by the implemented system.
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