The outsourcing innovation manager visits the company several times a month This is enough to know the company well. The rest of the work is done in his office.

The manager, using his experience in many companies, constantly supports the company in its development by analyzing the latest trends. The innovation manager starts his job with an assessment of the company's digital excellence, and builds a further action plan based on it. The innovation manager supports in the field of:

  • Automation and robotization
  • Digitization of non-production processes
  • Stimulating, acquiring and implementing innovations (product and technological)
  • Increasing production efficiency (higher efficiency, fewer scraps, shorter changeovers)
  • Management through goals, indicators

The Innovation Mednager is a high-class expert for a fraction of the salary. Similarly, the service of an occupational health and safety and accounting specialist is provided today. Through constant contact with the company, the manager prepares recommendations adequate to the state and development of the company.

The Innovation Manager also supervises the implementation of projects. Continuity of cooperation with the company gives the opportunity to track the company's development and react to deviations in the development plan. The main advantages of the work of the Mender in Innovation are:

  • A constantly updated company's development plan.
  • Topicality in relation to global trends.
  • Contacts with specialists, scientists.
  • Full confidentiality of the client.
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